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No matter what style of sanitary ware you want, based on our extensive experience, we can offer them. In particular, our advanced equipment and strong supply chain not only can support the stable products’ supply but also promise the quality of the products, which makes the final product can be distinguished from the vast majority of the sanitary ware on the market.

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Quality assurance team conducting 3-level QCs with an accurate understanding of standards of different countries. Also, Joy & Fortune’s products have to go through strict FQC before loading to ensure that the products delivered to you are the best.

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Our products range from toilets, washbasins, kitchen sinks, bidets, urinals, bathroom cabinets, smart mirrors to smart toilets.

























Certificate Products For Specific Marketplace

As a client of sanitary wares within different Markets, you need a certified product that meets the different marketplace rules regarding the safety and performance of the product (CSA/UPC/CE/NOM Marking).


For North American marketplace, like USA, Canada, etc.


For European marketplace, like UK, Spain, Netherlands, etc.


For South American marketplace, like Mexico, Columbia, etc.


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Our bathroom products can transform any bathroom into a luxurious space. Such like the Joy & Fortune Bathroom Faucet quickly becomes the focus of your decor. Available in several colors and finishes for an eye-catching statement that will personalize your bathroom.

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Why Choose Joy & Fortune?

As a professional manufacturer, we have more than 20 years of ceramic production experience and served prestigious clients from North America, Latin America, and Europe. In the past 5 years, we have obtained certificates such as ISO9001, CE, CSA, and CUPC for products and quality management.

We have 2 production plants, 1 tunnel kiln, 2 shuttle kilns, are dedicated to the production of sanitary wares.

Our staffs are with professional experienced and certified in their English language skills.

Manufacturing + rental + outsourcing enables us to fulfill the demand of various levels from customers.

You provide the design and we generally will give you a solution in a week’s time.


Our Happy Clients!

I only get my sanitary wares wholesale from Joy & Fortune factory only because it is the only brand I trust in China, our CEO has personally visited their factory and was impressed with their advanced equipment. Moreover, my consumers are not resistant to having beautiful sanitary ware, so I have high expectations of the wholesaler’s design capabilities, but Joy & Fortune never disappoints me.



From America

During the whole process of purchasing, Joy & Fortune’s staff made me feel very safe and they are very professional. I like to show their products to my clients who know the business. At the same time, I was so satisfied with their service, and once I had a project that need a solution urgently, they actually gave me the perfect solution in 2 days!



From Germany

I have been working with Joy & Fortune for 3 years now, and I am glad I chose them from the beginning. Their products are of very high quality, and my retailers have never complained about their products. Besides wholesale toilets, they also have other good quality products, such as their basins, and bidets, which I do my best to ship in the same container every time. So if possible, I suggest you try their other products as well.



From Australia

FAQs About Joy & Fortune Wholesale

Joy & Fortune has been wholesaling sanitary wares for 20 years and we have encountered all kinds of problems, here are the most important concerns of our clients before closing the deal.

Will consumers in my country buy it?

Now to pursue quality and to enjoy quality is the world’s cultural mainstream, so sanitary wares wholesale could be a good idea. The majority of our clients’ imported sanitary ware have sold very well and their customers love our products very much.

What are the payment options?

You can use Western Union, which has a lower fee, or PayPal if you can accept a slightly higher fee. But please note that for new clients, we only accept the T/T of the payment(30% deposit and balance 70% before loading.). Or if you have been with us for years and run into cash flow pressure, we do offer OA credit.

Will you refund if sales are not good?

Refunds are not possible, especially for customized products, which we charge in advance because the products only are developed and made for you, which cannot sale to other clients. So even if sales are not good, these products cannot be returned to the material. But we are confident that our products can sell well in your market not unsalable.

How long does it usually take for me to receive the goods?

Depends on whether you want to do customization your products or not, and also depends on the speed of customs clearance and logistics. However, we can guarantee to ship the sanitary wares in less than 15 business days if you only need the finished products and we have them in stock.

What if you can't provide what I want?

It does happen that if the design of sanitary wares you offer is too complex (like redesigning the smart toilet), we may not be able to manufacture it by ourselves. But be confident that Joy & Fortune has 20 years of experience in this industry, we have far more resources than other suppliers, and our MRO management system(Manufacturing + rental + outsourcing) as well enables us to completely fulfill your demand.

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What is the most important feature of Joy & Fortune's products?

Since we have an independent R&D team(10+ members), we accept all forms of customization. You just give us a simple drawing or even just an idea, then we can manufacture the products as your ideal sanitary wares.

What are the raw materials used?

The material of our products is “Premiglaze” and fire clay to improve the products in brightness and hardness. Also, we can also make any designs for you according to your needs.

Any benefits for sanitary wares wholesale from China?

In a word, China has a much better industry chain. There may be wholesalers or manufacturers of sanitary wares in India, Vietnam, and Turkey, but Joy & Fortune can guarantee that our prices can be on par with theirs but our service far exceeds your expectations.

Start Earning Substantial Profits At Once!

Sanitary wares wholesale is easy. Joy & Fortune has helped customers in over 50 countries to be successful and earn good profits. We also welcome you to become an exclusive distributor in your country.

After signing the agreement, we will not wholesale any more products to your competitors in your country or region. Your orders will be processed and shipped first. Click the buttons below and download our latest catalogs, and let’s grow your brand together.

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