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Why Choose The Bathroom Cabinet In joynfortune.com?

From 2015, Joy & Fortune expanded the product range to bathroom cabinets and bought out a bathroom cabinet factory, in order to continue giving the best furniture to our clients.

New trends with the Joy & Fortune collections

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  • Good Waterproof Performance
  • Good Toughness
  • Strong Repairability
  • Durable


  • Excellent Moisture Proof
  • Long Life
  • Not easy to swell


  • Low Cost
  • Strong Bearing Capacity
  • High Flatness

Solid Wood

  • Luxury
  • High Quality
  • Good Waterproof after dealing

Oak Wood

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • High Density
  • Hard Texture
  • Elegant


  • Good screw holding
  • High Strength
  • Easy to install

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The Whole Process Of Bathroom Vanity

Here’s a detailed breakdown of our manufacturing process.

1. Cutting Board

Cut the raw material into standard specifications according to the required length and width.

2. Edge Banding

The raw materials with burrs and irregular line angles are trimmed into angled specification materials.

3. Hole Drilling

Drill holes in each component to facilitate the assembly of product parts.

4. Door Shaping

The bending saw and makes the plate have a certain curve.

5. Lacquer painting

Direct paint spraying can play a role in waterproofing, anti-cracking, and anti-corrosion.

6. PVC Vacuum

After painting, put it in a constant temperature room at 25°C for 24 hours and let it dry naturally.

7. Quality Inspect

After the inspection by our QC team, it will be polished again, and the pursuit of perfection.

8. Packing & Shipping

Before shipping, we will clean the cabinet again inside and outside. 

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Mirror cabinet or smart mirror available

Is It Good As Other Suppliers? Things you Need to Know

To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our ceramic basins

For most of our best sellers, we have certificates for their tailored market, like UPC/CSA for North American, CE for Europe, etc.

Please don’t worry. If you have an interested model and we also don’t have its certificate for your local market, we can help you to contact our laboratory partner and help you to obtain the certificate at the lowest cost in a short time.

Generally, it will take 1 month from sent samples to get the certificate.

Usually within 3 to 4 weeks if no customization on the products, but It may take up to 60 working days if the shipping company stock is in trouble.

It happens on rare occasions because we ensure that all our products are well-packaged before being shipped.

But in case it does, please contact customer care on the website or through email. They will guide you and advise you accordingly.

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