Do you prefer a bidet or a bidet smart toilet?


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For a long time, the bidet was the best way to wash your bottom or intimate area after using the toilet. Now more and more chic and smarter shower toilets are grabbing the market share – and offer several advantages over the classic seat washbasin.

But is the latest product better always right?

For everyone who is still debating whether to choose between a bidet or a bidet smart toilet, here are our buying tips.

Space Requirement

Smart toilets are bidets and toilets in one.

This means that if you want a bidet, you always need space for both: a toilet and a bidet. In smaller bathrooms, the smart toilet is always the better choice because it takes up less space.

If the bathroom is larger, the priorities decide: Would you like to use the available space for a bidet?

Or does a smart toilet make more sense, as it leaves room for other bathroom furnishings? For example.

  • A walk-in shower?
  • Or a freestanding bathtub?


Bidets are low sinks with a hot water faucet.

Smart toilets are high-tech toilets that offer additional conveniences via their bidet function. Such as different jet types, seat heating, and night light.

However, washing hands or feet is not possible – if you are looking for a low washbasin for this purpose, the bidet is a much better choice.

What else can the smart toilet do? Our purchase advice – is here.

Ergonomics And Safety

Smart toilets offer toilet and hygiene in one, without getting up and changing to a second bowl. The smart toilet is therefore also recommended for less mobile people or a bathroom for the elderly.

There are also other safety features, such as a night light that can be programmed as desired.


The truth is the bidet is more advantageous.

With prices starting at around 1000 USD, smart toilets are more expensive to buy.

And also in the installation. If you purchase a smart toilet, your operation not only needs a water connection, but also a power connection. Which has to be laid first in the toilet area, especially in older bathrooms.

However, if you completely redesign your bathroom, you will not pay much more for the purchase and installation of a shower toilet, especially since you would have to install a normal toilet anyway.

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