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Once you experience Joy & Fortune’s smart toilet, you will never look back. Joy & Fortune’s smart toilet not only cares for your skin but also makes it more comfortable and clean than using toilet paper.

Core Technolies

Seat Sensor

Automatic Seat Opening

Automatic Flush

Full Automatic Mode

Remote Control

Rotary Knob

AI Voice Control

LED Display

Voice Prompt

Night Light

Smart Energy Saving Mode

Foot Sensor

Basic Functions

Rear Wash

Female Wash

Adjustable Seat Temperature

Adjustable Water Pressure

Self-cleaning Nozzle

Massage cleaning

Adjustable nozzle position

Seat Constant Heating

Adjustable Air-drying Temperature

Anti-bacterial Seat

Kid Cleaning Mode

Warm air dryer

Traditional Heating VS Instant Heating

Traditional heating also called thermal storage, which refers to a heating facility that passes water through a water tank. After reaching a certain water temperature standard, it is supplied according to the water temperature requirements set by ourselves. It can store hot water for a long time or temporarily. So it’s very easy to breed bacteria.

Instant heating using the hydroelectric separation technology, the cold water is heated in a few seconds through the heating tube wrapped by the high-temperature insulator, and the temperature rises instantly to the set value Comfortable temperature.

Advantage of instant heating technology

Sunken Water Tank Design

Tailored to the low water pressure areas

In some countries or cities, the smart toilet without the tank will not work according to the water pressure being too low to flush. So choose the smart toilet with the sunken water tank will be a good choice.

Sunken water tank design for the smart toilet, which can make sure that the strong flush even under the 0 water pressure. Also, with the sunken water tank, the flush function still can work even with the power cut.

Advantage of sunken water tank design

Humanization Design

We always put user experience first

Multiple modes automatic cleaning

  • Rear wash
  • Female wash
  • Moveable wash
  • Massage wash

Multi-level adjustable air-drying temp.

  • Normal temp.
  • 34 ℃
  • 37 ℃ 
  • 40 ℃

Personal comfort experience

  • APP control, easy to use
  • Automatic seat ring-opening & closing
  • Customize user habits setting
  • Durable antibacterial surface technology

The Whole Process Of Production Smart Toilet

This is what we do when it comes to producing the smart toilets

Ceramic toilet production

We ensure that every ceramic toilet you receive is 100% through our quality inspection and without any problems.

Components productions

Our components come from the same supplier of Panasonic and all components have to pass the safety tests before delivery.


Different from other manufacturers, we adopt a dedicated assembly line operation mode that the person is responsible for each inspection, so as to ensure the safety of users.


Our QC team will do the full inspection according to the safety standards before loading and make an inspection report, then we just can arrange the packaging.

Is It Good As Other Suppliers? Things you Need to Know

To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our ceramic basins

Of course. Generally, we can offer you the smart toilets in 110V and 220V tailored to different countries’ voltage.

Not only that, but we also can offer you the different plugs according to the different countries’ using habits, like Germany, France, Poland, etc use the European standard plug and the US, Canada, Japan, etc. use the American plug.

Regarding the semi-automatic function, it means that the smart toilet doesn’t have the seat automatic opening/closing and you also need to flush by clicking the button or remote control.

But for the fully automatic function, it will have the radar sensor that the seat cover will automatically open when you close to the toilet 30 cm. Meanwhile, you can use the foot sensor to let the seat ring open or close. Also, the toilet will automatically flush after you left the seat at 90 s.

Besides these two functions, we also release a conception of “the micro intelligent”, the smart toilet only has the flush function and seat heating function.

Of course, we not only can offer you the smart toilet in s-trap 250/300/350/400mm but also can offer it in p-trap 180mm. Please feel free to contact us if you need any more information.

Because different countries have different standards and classify for the smart toilet, so we haven’t made the certificate of the local market for the smart toilet yet. However, we have its’ certificate with China standards.

If you want to do the certificate for the smart toilet, we can help you to get it in a short time.

Please don’t worry. If you have an interested model and we also don’t have its certificate for your local market, we can help you to contact our laboratory partner and help you to obtain the certificate at the lowest cost in a short time.

Generally, it will take 1 month from sent samples to get the certificate.

Usually within 3 to 4 weeks if no customization on the products, but It may take up to 60 working days if the shipping company stock is in trouble.

It happens on rare occasions because we ensure that all our products are well-packaged before being shipped.

But in case it does, please contact customer care on the website or through email. They will guide you and advise you accordingly.

Firstly, the higher the safety factor, the better. Joy & Fortune smart toilet puts to use Eightfold safety protection to protect users’ safe.

Secondly, it’s not that the more functions, the better. The more functions, consumers personally will think the more value. But generally, as long as the smart toilet has “seat sensor”, “seat heating”, “warm water cleaning”, “warm air drying”, “automatic deodorization”, “movable massage cleaning”, and “energy-saving”, then it’s enough.

Thirdly, you have to consider the water pressure in your city so as you can choose whether the smart toilet with tank or not.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


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