8 Best Toilets for the UK Market In 2022

In this post, you can find a list of the top 8 best seller toilets for the UK market in 2022 with a lot of research to help you have a full understanding for UK market.

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The United Kingdom has one of the largest industries when it comes to sanitary ware, especially in toilet products. A lot of distributors are looking to get into their market but only the ones with the best quality products are acceptable.

As a professional manufacturer, we’re very familiar with what the top wholesales have to offer and it’s quite difficult to make the world’s top level. So only by having a full understanding of the local market can one have a better selling and brand influence.

In order to help you save time, we made a list of the top 8 best seller toilets in the UK market with a lot of research.

Based on what I compiled, every WC on it has great popularity in the UK market.

Best Two-piece Toilet: Joy & Fortune Corland

The influence Joy & Fortune has on the market was the reason to place us on this list. Great reputation and over a decade of experience helped us achieve our goal. Being among the best means millions in sales but we also include great designs as one of the factors.

The UK market has great potential and we provide the best services all over the world. Many suppliers are not willing to use the best quality materials because many consumers only care about prices. But, there are many that more care about the quality and follow our brand.

Best Toilet for Modern Spaces: Unipco Cabo 1406

This two-piece toilet from Unipico is one of the best toilets in our test to flush away solid and liquid waste.

On the one hand, it has some innovative features, including dual flush technology, which is ideal for controlling the water volume. On the other hand, the rimless design looks elegant and is easier to clean because there are not so many holes surrounding it.

Best Value Two-Piece Toilet: Capri Two-piece Toilet

Prefer the value of a two-piece toilet? The Capri two-piece is the best to choose. With its excellent flushing technology, the toilet is extremely good at flushing away solid and liquid waste, though it’s still water-efficient enough to carry the CE label. Its comfort-height design makes it an excellent choice for homeowners.

And it comes in several colors, including bone, matte white, and classic white.

Best Wall Mounted Toilet: Sicily Wall-Hung Toilet

Wall-hung toilets can offer maximum space efficiency due to the water tank being recessed into the wall. Actually, the style has been popular in Europe for decades, especially in the UK. Given this model’s relative newness, you’re best sticking with a trusted brand, and Joy & Fortune will be your best choice.

The Sicily features dual-flush technology and rimless design, also owned the CE certification. Also, the toilet is available in white, matte white, matte black, black, and gold.

Best Back to Wall Toilet: Lea Back To Wall Toilet

The back-to-wall toilet probably can be the most practical choice if the reduced size is your main consideration. The cistern can be built into the wall to use as little space as possible.

Not only that, but you can also combine your toilet with a back-to-wall unit to help complement the rest of your bathroom furniture. Also, you can purchase your toilet and back-to-wall unit combined, and there are a number of colors and finishes available like white, grey, wenge (close to black), oak, and walnut, just take your pick.

Best Feature-Rich Toilet: Ibiza Smart Wall-hung Toilet

Transform your bathroom with a smart toilet. These clever loos are more hygienic, better for the environment, and will save you money on unnecessary toilet paper when compared with traditional toilets. Also, the smart wall-hung toilets not only can offer greater independence but also offer easier to clean.

Inspired by the futuristic design, this intelligent technology is ideal for families looking to improve personal cleanliness while lowering their carbon footprint.

Best Smart Toilet: Flores Smart Toilet

The Flores has many of the same features as TOTO brand smart toilet counterparts while still including some of the luxuries features you could want in a smart toilet.

Thanks to their wash and dry modes, nightlight, and soft closing seat. All of which can be controlled via the wireless remote. This smart toilet features a streamlined integrated bidet seat, innovative high-efficiency flush technologies, and various automatic and customizable functionality—all at a reasonable price.

Best Budget Friendly Smart Bidet: Culatra Smart Bidet

The Culatra Smart Bidet is the most budget-friendly option for upgrading your standard toilet to a smart one. Also, it is one of the lowest-priced intelligent toilets, it includes everything from a bidet to heated seats and even remembers the custom settings for up to two users! Here are some other things we love about the Culatra.

  • Remote control operated
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • Automatic air deodorizer
  • Soft-close seat
  • Dryer function
  • Night light
  • Female wash

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