Top 10 toilet manufacturers and companies in the US


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For many years, we have been researching the best and latest toilets on the market. To do this, our goal is to research toilets from all toilet manufacturers around the world. Generally speaking, there are a few major toilet manufacturers or brand names in each country, followed by dozens of smaller toilet brands or wholesalers. While it is difficult to conclude which toilet manufacturer is the best, in this article you will go through our exploration and reviews as well as find the best toilet that fits your budget and needs.

American Standard

  • Year of establishment: 1929
  • Location: USA
  • Main products: Toilets
  • Other products: bathtubs, faucets, sinks

When Standard Sanitary Manufacturing and American Radiator merged in 1929, it became one of the leading toilet manufacturing companies in the United States. It offers a wide range and has the latest developments. For example, they offer Townsend’s Champion Elongated Toilet, which is “plunge free” so it never clogs. And, another bonus is that they’re easy to install and even easier to clean.

They offer water-saving toilets that would never compromise the quality of performance. Their readability is guaranteed with their industry-leading guarantees.

As the leading plumbing manufacturer in North America, American Standard produces stylish, high-performance toilets. Their products and services cover both commercial and private customers.


  • Year of establishment: 1873
  • Location: USA
  • Main products: Toilets
  • Other products: tiles, cabinets, furniture

Kohler was founded in 1873 by John Michel Kohler in Wisconsin USA. The company has a good reputation for sanitary products and especially toilets. However, the company not only manufactures sanitary products but also generators, motors, tiles, cabinets, and furniture.

It is also the only company that makes cast-iron bathtubs and also hand-painted toilets and sinks. You can read about Kohler toilets by clicking the link above.

Their new product line is known as Kohler Konnect, which uses intelligent connections with the bathroom products such as shower valves, toilets, showerheads, mirrors, and bathtubs.


  • Year of establishment: 1917
  • Location: Japan
  • Main products: Toilets
  • Other products: smart bidets

TOTO is one of the best Japanese toilet brands. It has spread all over the world, including the United States. With manufacturing the most luxurious & high-end toilets like Neorest 600, they are said to be one of the most expensive toilet brands worldwide.

Why is it one of the best toilet manufacturers? Because the toilets they make almost never clog and don’t need to be repaired that often. Also, they are very quiet when refilling the water.

On the other hand, they also manufacture toilet seats, which include many other son brands.

As you can see, TOTO really cares about its customers and it is definitely a great company to consider when looking for a durable, stylish, and quality toilet.


  • Year of establishment: 1932
  • Location: USA
  • Main products: Toilets
  • Other products: sinks, faucets

As one of the most recognized toilet brands in the United States, Gerber has been providing high-performance toilets since 1932. This toilet manufacturer offers a range of toilet designs such as one-piece, two-piece, wall-mounted, and floor-mounted toilets with a variety of color and style options.

Gerber toilets are also ranked as one of the most efficient toilet manufacturers because of their water-saving flushing system, which consists of a 1.29gpf Powerflush.


  • Year of establishment: 1998
  • Location: USA
  • Main products: Toilets
  • Other products: faucets, kitchen sink

This company lives by three rules: Innovation comes from the human instinct to find magic in the simplest solutions and to transform how people feel every day.

Not just the toilets but all of their products are created with stunning designs and durability to last a lifetime.

While most toilets have a flush capacity of 1.28gpf, with fast filling and with different bowl shapes.


  • Year of establishment: 1817
  • Location: Germany
  • Main products: Toilets
  • Other products: faucets

Duravit, one of the world’s leading toilet manufacturers, was founded in Hornberg in 1817. The company specializes in wall-hung, rimless, and floor-standing toilets.

The design style is extremely unique and innovative. The washout technology is one of the two flushing technologies introduced by Duravit, which with its rear shelf is ideal for healthcare facilities. Washdown technology seals all unpleasant odors due to the location of the specially designed siphon and the height of the toilet.

This leading toilet manufacturer also offers the soft-close seat feature, which prevents the seat from closing abruptly and closes gently with a gentle tap.

In addition to these companies, there are a number of young brands that are growing rapidly. We will continue to explore them together next.

Swiss Madison

  • Year of establishment: 1817
  • Location: USA
  • Main products: Toilets
  • Other products: sinks, bathtub

Swiss Madison is not a very famous toilet brand but is slowly gaining attention for its excellent range of budget toilets. The range includes one-piece, two-piece, wall-hung, wall-hung, and built-in bidet toilets.

One of the most famous Swiss Madison toilets, St. Tropez is considered unique due to its many features. It is ADA compliant due to its comfort height and very comfortable due to its soft-closing seat. It also has a very smooth siphon that ensures all contents in the bowl are flushed out.

Joy & Fortune

  • Year of establishment: 1992
  • Location: China
  • Main products: Toilets, sinks
  • Other products: cabinet, faucets, bathtub

Founded in China, Joy & Fortune may not be one of the best-known companies making toilets, but their product range is the most comprehensive of these companies. With a WaterSense, UPC, and CSA compliance certification, Joy & Fortune’s toilet is extremely water efficient and outperforms other toilets in durability. On the other hand, their products are competitively priced, making them a great choice for distributors and wholesalers.

Their toilets include wall-mounted, two-piece gravity toilets, floor-mounted, smart toilets, and much more. They also offer a range of colors and designs to enhance your bathroom.


  • Year of establishment: N/A
  • Location: USA
  • Main products: Toilets
  • Other products: sinks

As one of the leading manufacturers in the high-end toilet industry, ANNZI is a popular toilet company specializing in the production of luxury bathroom faucets including toilets. This innovative company produces toilets that come in a variety of designs, styles, and shapes. With the Annzi toilets, you can choose between a flush volume of 1.6 and 1.28 liters. They are also available with an extended basin. This brand is represented by renowned designers all over the world. Their toilets are WaterSense certified, dual flush, and will complement your bathroom beautifully.


  • Year of establishment: 2002
  • Location: USA
  • Main products: Toilets
  • Other products: sinks

Established in 2002, the Eago company is famous for its unique designs that bring a very elegant and modern look to your bathroom. The company manufactures square toilets, i.e. one-piece toilets with a square tank.

The toilets are eco-friendly and affordable, plus they’re effortlessly beautiful and a great match for your bathroom. This brand is popular for making soft close seat toilets that are WaterSense certified, a 5-year guarantee with every purchase, and an advanced layer of glaze that will prevent dust particles from sticking to the toilet.


In considering the decision of who the best toilet brand is, we think it’s important to review a few criteria.

  • Manufacturer Age: Age means experience and when it comes to Joy & Fortune, we prefer using a toilet that has stood the test of time from a manufacturer who has been around for some time.
  • Toilet Selection: On this blog, we review some manufacturers that offer literally hundreds of toilet options suited to every need and budget. Others, only specialize in a select few toilets (smart toilets, budget toilets, etc.). We think a great toilet brand will offer an array of toilet options, such as Joy & Fortune manufacturer.
  • Pricing: Sometimes you pay for a brand name and sometimes you pay for a product. Most manufacturers of toilets offer both low and high-end toilets and we like the flexibility in this. Fortunately,  you can find both of them in Joy & Fortune toilet manufacturer.

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