Which toilet is more space efficient?


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Do you want to renovate your old toilets, or fit out new toilets… But here it is: you have a reduced space. Do not panic! This is a very common problem, and there are many solutions to fix it. Here’s how to choose a compact toilet.

The challenge of small spaces

Bathrooms are usually confined spaces, which require extra planning effort. Of course, we can follow the generic advice concerning small spaces. Using light colors (white ceramic), bring light, provide storage space and sufficient space to get out of the toilet, and favor the shower over the bathtub in the bathrooms. bathrooms, do not overload the decor, etc.

However, the toilet is the main element here. It is necessary to choose a compact model, which is suitable for the dimensions of your room. Piping hidden in the wall or inside a wall bracket will also provide a sense of space. If the connection is limited, you can redouble your imagination to make room. We are thinking, for example, of corner toilets or washbasin toilets, which integrate the washbasin and taps directly into the cover of the water tank.

Don’t forget: a small WC can go hand in hand with a designer WC! Some compact and modern toilet models offer a sought-after aesthetic, especially wall-hung toilet models.

Focus on wall-hung toilets

Installing a wall-hung or freestanding toilet is the best option for saving space. This type of compact toilet is largely recessed into the wall: only the wall-hung toilet, the push-button, and the wall-hung toilet casing are visible. The built-in support frame includes the WC cistern, the flushing mechanism, and the pipes. Very hygienic, the wall-hung toilet is easier to clean, especially when it is fitted with a rimless bowl. But above all, it is more compact and accessible, perfectly suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Turning to a ready-to-install suspended toilet pack makes installation easier. On the other hand, in the event of a breakdown, it is difficult to access the pipes compared to conventional toilets (stand-alone toilets). If you are not a handyman, the intervention of a plumber is often necessary.

In addition, installing wall-hung toilets allows you to take advantage of the most efficient models on the market. They can include a wide range of options: dual flush to control water consumption, rimless toilet bowl, Japanese toilet with hand shower, water jet and hot air blast to avoid toilet paper, etc.

What you must remember?

  • The reduced space of many toilets can be optimized in various ways: work on colors and brightness, thoughtful choice of storage furniture, minimalist decor;
  • however, the choice of toilet is the most important parameter. Fortunately, there are many compact and high-performance models;
  • in particular, wall-hung toilets adapt perfectly to small spaces, while offering a large number of advantages in terms of hygiene, water saving, and installation.

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